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services We Offer .

- Fiber Optic OSP and LAN Splicing.

- FTTH Splicing.

- Termination of fiber.

- Testing of new and existing plant facilities both LAN and OSP layouts, including fiber audits and advanced testing procedures.

- Legacy plant rehab, closure replacement and other services to increase the reliability of older optical fiber placements.

- services for Electrical Contractors. We offer a fixed per unit price for cable preparation, termination, and testing of fibers in cables that have been installed by the Contractor. This allows the Contractor to bid on projects confidently, without the need to look for special tools, find experienced technicians, rent or buy test equipment, and deal with test publication and warranty of the finished terminations. We are also happy to deal with the highly technical facets of installation, such as splicing, for the contractor who can perform terminations and testing, but may need additional special procedures performed that he does not normally offer.

- Troubleshooting of fiber optic systems.

- Emergency Network Restoration services.

- Consultation services on network deployment, materials purchases, test gear purchases, renovation of legacy cable networks.

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